Sphynx Care

We do not sell our cats for breeding and only pet homes are considered. 

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Gorgeous Sphynx kittens home

Bath Time!
Please keep in mind that for some Sphynx bath time can be very stressful. Some Sphynx may never like bath time no matter how many baths they are given. Some will sit and take it and some will freak out. I suggest that if you get a young/kitten Sphynx give them a bath as often as you can (once a week) so he/she will get used to it. This way as your Sphynx gets older bath time may not be so difficult. 

Items Needed!
Baby WashCloths
Animal Shampoo 
(I use a pet degrease but baby shampoo works too)

Ear Cleaning Solution  (can be found at the vet or local pet store)
Nail Clipper (I use baby nail clippers) 
A towel (I use microfiche towels)

Before you get your Sphynx make sure you are ready for him/her. Get the bath water ready. (Do NOT run the water with your sphynx in the bathroom. It will scare them)  Fill the bath up as needed but make sure it is not too hot or too cold. (as if you are giving a baby a bath) Do this before you bring your Sphynx into the bathroom. Sometimes if cats hear the water running it scares them. You may also do this in a sink till your Sphynx out grows it. Make sure your house is warm. In the winter you may want to turn the Heat up a few degrees.

Now that you have everything you need, let's get started. Put your Sphynx in the water and get him/her wet all over. You can do this with the wash rag or a small cup.  I like to wash the face first before I put soap on the wash rag so I don’t get soap in the cat’s eyes. Then put shampoo on the wash rag and lather it up and start washing your Sphynx till he/she is all clean. Once you’re all done rinse and wrap your cat in the towel.

I use Royal Canin cat food. It can be found at petco, petsmart, and sometimes your local pet store. However there is a number of cat food that you may use. Just make sure it is a name brand cat food. Please NO generic!! I do not use wet (canned) food. I only feed my Sphynx dry food. The wet food sticks to their teeth and can cause decay and bad breath. It is ok to give wet food as a treat but I do not recommend it for everyday food. 
Also Please make sure your sphynx has FREE feed. Meaning that your Sphynx has a bowl of food to eat at all times. Due to the Sphinx's high metabolism Sphinx eat a little at a time but a lot throughout the day. 

Nail Cleaning!
With your cat still wrapped up in the towel, expose one paw at a time. Lightly push the pad of your cat’s paw to expose his/her nails and with the baby wash cloth wipe off every nail till it is clean. Then repeat with every paw. Now it’s time to trim your cat’s nails. Just as before take the paw and expose the nail and take the clipper and trim the nail. You have to be very careful not to trim the nail too short or your cat will bleed. Do Not cut the pink! Again if you have any questions Please ask your vet.